The key to your financial independence is you!

Do you want to reach your first million between 30 and 40?

That makes absolute sense! The earlier you have large sums of money at your disposal, the more opportunities will open up in your life. By consistently working on your income, your lifestyle and your investment quota you will be able to realize your dream. We help you to do that!

The Academy

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In our My First Million Game you playfully become a millionaire. Start your journey to the real first million with us!

We are the inventors of the My First Million Game

Talking about money is not very common. In our My First Million Game we have created a playful and easy approach. It’s all about how to best handle your finances. 

Online Game

Play online with 5 other people and learn more about money with a financial expert game master.

Board Game

Play in a relaxed environment, enjoy free snacks and drinks and learn about money.

What does quantum consciousness have to do with financial freedom?

“Energy follows attention” is an essential insight of quantum physics. This means for us, where we direct our attention, there we achieve results. If we succeed in directing our focus on wealth, excellence and freedom and keeping it there, we attract financial freedom. So you become the creator of a new reality in abundance and wealth. In the Smart & Rich Academy you will learn simple and effective techniques to activate exactly this creative power for you.

Your passion makes you rich

Every person is equipped with talents. Every person also has interests by nature, which he likes to pursue. We connect these two levels and combine them with economic aspects. This results in a state for people which we call Passion Field. When you reach this field, your sense of well-being increases, you fill up and undreamt-of income opportunities open up. We support you in becoming aware of your personal Passion Field.

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