Together to your
1st million

Together many things work better. Even successfully growing wealth.

Successful marathon runners have their marathon training plan.
In the smart and rich community you develop your My First Million training plan!

Welcome to the Smart & Rich Academy

We know from top athletes that they create an environment for success: The coach gives you the right impulses to reach your full potential. The training partners challenge you to become better every day.

Your training plan ensures orientation, consistent development and achievement of goals. So why not use the knowledge from competitive sports for the way to your 1st million?

Effective techniques for moneyfesting

Effective money-making techniques We show you how to build great wealth through your thoughts, emotions and actions. Thought blockades such as “money is evil”, fear of investment mistakes, or excessive consumer spending can prevent you from becoming successful. We show you effective techniques to deal with them.

Spending control made easy

An essential aspect of making your first million is your current lifestyle. So it all comes down to your spending. The Lifestyle Factor gives you a quick overview of your spending and tells you how your lifestyle will affect your future wealth accumulation.

Increase your investment ratio

From economics we know the common formula:

Income – Consumption = Saving

The formula of the Smart&Rich Academy is:

Earning Power – Life Style = Investment Ratio

To get to your 1st million, you have to use these 3 parameters correctly. This means that you try to successively increase your income and keep your lifestyle as low as possible. Thereby you increase your monthly investment quota.

Know-how meets a proven recipe for success

Business management know-how helps us to identify economic relationships that are essential for successful investing. Psychological knowledge helps us to better understand investment behaviour or other human decisions. With our Smart&Rich Acadamy we support you to reach your 1.Million.

Successful through 3 financial crises with more than 800 customers

We have managed to become millionaires ourselves and have helped other people to achieve their goal. These experiences have enabled us to develop a comprehensive training program to earn 1 million. We want to share our knowledge with as many people as possible.