Together to your
1st million

Together many things work better. Even successfully growing wealth.

Successful marathon runners have their marathon training plan.
In the smart and rich community you develop your My First Million training plan!

Welcome to the Smart & Rich Academy

We know from top athletes that they create an environment for success: The coach gives you the right impulses to reach your full potential. The training partners challenge you to become better every day.

Your training plan ensures orientation, consistent development and achievement of goals. So why not use the knowledge from competitive sports for the way to your 1st million?

OUR MISSION is to help every member of our community to unfold their material potential, personal potential and spiritual potential.

Our approach: the My First Million Wheel.

Wolfgang will guide you through the 3 levels:

1. Free Spirit

2. Extra class

3. Prosperity

How this works you can see in this video →

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Experience what the My First Million community looks like with our 30-day trial subscription. We are looking forward to YOU!

Wolfgang and Alexander have been financial advisers with over 30 years of experience. They want to share their knowledge for you to achieve financial freedom and reach your first million.

Wolfgang Tritsch

Alexander Oberenzer

Our goal: Your first million

  • Activate your Million Mindset
  • Overcome negative emotions
  • Use our positive Money-Matrix
  • Become a Money-Magnet

But HOW you ask?

Find your Life Purpose and your Passion Field

When you discover your Life Purpose and Passion Field, you have started the essential engine for your first million. In the community you learn to manifest consciously and can achieve great things.

... and learn how to invest

Focus on your monthly investment quota and make smart investment decisions to build your first million.

If it’s so simple, why isn’t everyone a millionaire?

We have identified the three main reasons why people fail to make the first million:

Lack of financial understanding

Foreign control of income

Lack of faith

How can you overcome the biggest hurdles to your million in the My First Million community?

Your 6 steps to your first million

1. your My first million Commitment

Through our experience as coaches we have found out what is necessary to reach the first million. With the Smart and Rich Academy we have implemented this knowledge as a success plan with 6 components.

2. Your Million Mindset

You have to develop an unwavering belief that you can make it to the million.

3. The million formula

We have developed a formula which, used correctly, will inevitable lead you to your first million.  

4. Weekly Input from us

To keep you going on your marathon to your first million Alexander and Wolfgang will share a video or livestream twice a week with you.

5. The IQ-Tracking Tool

As professional runners track their progress, we also developed a tool for the smart and rich academy to always keep your eyes on your investment quote.

6. Mastermind Groups

Working in teams has tremendous benefits. Only together with like-minded people can you create enough momentum to achieve your first million.

Is the journey worth it?

Listen to Alexander share his experience on the journey to the first million.

30 days free trial

Experience what the My First Million community looks like with our 30-day trial subscription. We are looking forward to YOU!