Playfully teaching financial knowledge

Deliver financial knowledge into every household as a certified club leader

We offer you a platform where participants can meet with financial experts in a relaxed atmosphere, deepen their financial knowledge and exchange ideas.

We support you every step

75 minutes of playtime with personal analysis

Simple step-by-step instructions for all game rounds

No resources like rooms, documents and catering necessary


Creating shared gaming experiences

As a player, you start with a starting capital of 100,000 euros and the winner is the player who accumulates the most capital in the game time of about 75 minutes. During the game you have to make decisions to progress. As the game develops, you can see immediately what effect your decision has had and where you stand in the game ranking. You’ve just gotten first, now last, because you’ve driven your start-up to the wall. Experiencing this in-game triggers emotions in the players and leads to you quickly diving into My First Million Game. Almost every participant wants to continue playing because it’s so much fun!

Easy to moderate

As club leader you moderate your guests through the interactive game. The My First Million Game is easy to use and guides you through the individual game sequences such as trading shares, buying real estate, founding start-ups or answering know-how questions.

More than 2,000 people moderated at financial game evenings

Alexander and Wolfgang can still remember their very first financial games evening very well. “In a Viennese café house we were 16 people. The atmosphere was great and it’s been 13 years now. Playing the game rounds with interested people has so much power: We were privileged to grow through great questions from the participants, to experience many different game processes that teach you, similar to different market situations, to learn patterns of action for each scenario in the game. So you are to a certain extent prepared for real life.

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