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What is the My First Million Game?

“My First Million Game” is a brand-new board game that provides financial education playfully and accompanies the participants on their way to their first million. You follow in the footsteps of an ambitious investor and will make a lot of decisions in the course of a game round: Should you quit your job to start your own business?

Do you prefer to speculate with shares on the stock exchange? Is developing a real estate project perhaps the best choice for you? Exciting quiz questions on various topics related to money and finance offer you a lot of learning potential and help you to be the first to earn the million.

Fun games and investment know-how 🙂

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Come for free. Play for free. Snack for free. 🙂


“I specifically took it upon myself to continue to invest in knowledge, whether through money or by investing time in such evenings, because you can simply get out and take a great deal with you, and apply what you have learned in real life.”

– Christoph

Create your own Startup and become rich!

Business as usual – or an extraordinary success after all? In “My First Million Game” you have the chance to create and continuously develop your own start-ups. The goal, of course, is to make your business as lucrative as possible and to get a big step closer to your first million.

What you learn: Starting a successful start-up is not just a matter of luck. It also depends on the right know-how. Collect business knowledge points and get your start-up on the road to success faster!

Earn passive income with shares on the stock exchange.

Speculate on the stock market? Absolutely! Stocks are an important way to make your first million in “My First Million Game”. Buy and sell shares, try to estimate the stock market price and look forward to rich profits – and all this without having to struggle for it yourself.

What you learn: How does the stock market actually work? How do share prices come about? What does an ideal portfolio look like? The more you know about shares, the higher your profit will be!


“It’s very funny, because I came here more or less by accident. That’s good, because I’d like to buy a property and so I’ve had a lot – a lot – to learn today: Terms that didn’t tell me anything about spending money, investing… that’s very interesting even for a layman.”

– Nadine


“Game night was awesome. You learn a lot about finance and how to invest … it’s just fun. What was important for me was that you continue to educate yourself and that you invest in education – that definitely stuck with me.”


Buy your own Real estate and demand rent!

The third and last asset class that “My First Million Game” deals with is real estate as a relatively stable investment. Learn to understand how the real estate market works. Buy your own apartments, profit from the rental income and become a real estate shark!

What you learn: How does the real estate market work? What do you need to consider when buying property? Acquire knowledge about real estate to make the biggest profit.

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Still thinking?

We understand your hesitation. After all, My First Million Game night is almost too cool to be true! Just browse through our most frequently asked questions and answers:

No! Our game nights have the same routine every time: After a short introduction to the game, you can play for up to 2 hours. After these 2 hours all participants can expect an analysis from the Smart&Rich Academy. Fun, trying out and learning are clearly the focus! 

No monotonous lecture with boring PowerPoint presentation awaits you. Instead, you can look forward to casual play and exciting learning in a relaxed atmosphere. Snacks and drinks are also provided!

Don’t worry, the next game night will come sooner than you think! We have games night about once a month. Of course, we’ll let you know in time when the next event will take place, so that you can keep the evening free

Yes, at the end of every game night you can purchase the My First Million Game and take it home with you.

“It was very nice – a familiar atmosphere, nice and dedicated people and you get a feeling of dynamism in this room.”

– Jakob

“It was very funny. We all learned a lot and it was exciting. The most important thing is to have fun and learn and that applied to our table.”

– Evi

Yes, notify me when a new appointment is scheduled.